Why is Buffalo turf so popular? The main reason is shade with 25% of lawns having shade. Buffalo comes form either Africa or the Caribbean and a wide spread form came to Australia on a shipped called the SS Buffalo in the 1840's, hence the name. The original Buffalo turf was very scratchy and it was not until new soft leaf varieties came onto the market that Buffalo really became Australia's favourite lawn grass. The three most popular Buffalo varieties are Palmetto, Sapphire and Sir Walter. 

Below is a list of the varieties of Buffalo turf that have been reviewed on this site. It mainly concentrated on the varieties that are regularly sold. Most Buffalo types scalp far less than Couch and most manage thatch well, with the odd exception. There are a lot of differences between the Buffalo types that are noted in the reviews, allowing you to compare each type. Getting the right advice on which Buffalo to buy will not only save money, but it will help you choose the right lawn. 

Common buffalo is that scratchy old buffalo grass from years gone by, its the buffalo grass which dominated the Australian and world market for a very long time before the better soft leaf buffalo grasses came onto the scene - starting in the 1990's. In every area of turf quality, old common buffalo grass performs appallingly when compared to almost every new soft buffalo grass. Wear and tear, thatching, shade tolerance, seeding levels, scratchiness, winter and summer colour… common buffalo loses on all fronts. 

The only area where old common buffalo performed well amongst the newer buffalo grasses was in the area of drought tolerance and recovery, a mute point when considering all the bad points with this old undeveloped grass type.